Brite Washworld

Alan Wang has owned and operated Brite Washworld since 2000 and he is very proud of his facility and the top notch customer service provided by his employees. For many years, Brite Washworld has provided outstanding car wash services for Dawson Creek and the surrounding area.

Their business goal is to satisfy all of their customers through quick, convenient and beneficial service for your vehicle every time you visit. Alan and his employees know how good it feels to drive a clean car and contribute to a green environment. At Brite Washworld, customers leave feeling satisfied in their clean, dry and shiny vehicle.

The team at Brite Washworld believe that their customers are their top priority so they strive to deliver dedicated, exceptional quality and friendly service each and every visit.

Alan recognizes and is thankful for his hard working staff. “The most integral element of our success in Dawson Creek is our team of professionals,” said Alan, “we work hard to recognize our employees because we know that they are the reason that our customers keep coming back.”

Brite Washworld has the most advanced technology available in the industry, along with specially formulated detergents, computer-controlled equipment and touch-free dryers to provide a premier car wash unmatched anywhere in Dawson Creek. Alan knows there are many reasons for his business success. He credits the clean and welcoming environment, his exceptional team of eager and passionate employees, the consistent and quick delivery of a clean and shiny car and their commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Brite Washworld supports local events such as the Oilman’s Ball and the Fireman’s Ball.

Meet Owner Alan Wang & Manager Sean Patterson

Meet Owner Alan Wang & Manager Sean Patterson

Alan Wang owns and operates Brite Washworld. One of Alan's hard working employees is his manager, Sean Patterson.

Sean has been working at Brite Washworld regularly for eight years and he likes the predictable routines and the steady employment. Sean enjoys his job and likes interacting with the many different people that come to Brite Washworld. Customers keep the job interesting and always changing. Alan, Sean and the staff team at Brite Washworld believe in top notch customer service each and every time. "We treat our customers right," said Sean.

Sean has lived in Dawson Creek for just over 20 years. He appreciates the surrounding wilderness and likes nice scenery. When Sean isn't busy working at Brite Washworld, he enjoys spending time with his family, relaxing with his wife and playing outside with the kids.

900 Adams Rd
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 0B8


Monday to Saturday
7:00 am to 9:00 pm

7:00 am to 8:00 pm