Bolt Action Pen


The unique and original Bolt Action Pen combines classic, tried-and-true bolt action technology with hand-crafted artistry and a touch of the rugged outdoors. Each genuine BC Deer antler pen is turned carefully by hand by artist Janice Dagasso. Every detail, from its classic bolt action mechanism to its rustic outdoor look makes the deer antler Bolt Action Pen an ideal gift for men, hunters and any outdoors enthusiast. Artist Janice Dagasso also creates a variety of other functional works of art, including bowls, seam rippers, pepper mills, firestarters and state-of-the-art, glow-in-the-dark, locally grown flower petal pens and seam-rippers, incorporating local and exotic woods and many other unusual materials. Bolt Action Pens and other works by Janice Dagasso can be viewed and purchased locally at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, Art, Glass & More and the Roadhouse Cafe and by contacting the artist directly. Janice Dagasso also offers group and individual classes and lessons in wood turning. Instruction can be geared toward a group or individual’s skill level and end with a finished project for the student to take home. Scissor, knife and tool sharpening services are also available.

Meet Janice Dagasso

Meet Janice Dagasso

Janice Dagasso took wood shop in high school and particularly enjoyed doing lathe work. Then life got busy. Janice graduated, got married, had children and didn't have much time for wood work, though her husband was always tinkering around with something or other in their shop. For fun, the two would often visit hardware stores together and look at tools. One day several years ago her husband decided to buy her a lathe, thinking that it might make her want to spend more time with him in the shop. As it turned out, Janice still had a talent for lathe work, and it wasn't long before she was spending more time in the shop than her husband.

Janice had planned to start out making wooden bowls, but shortly after getting the lathe, a friend gave her a pen-making book. Her husband urged her to try her hand at pen-making, and soon she was making more pens than she could give away. She honed and developed her own unique style and incorporated natural, local materials into her work. She is best known for incorporating deer antler into her pens and other pieces, though she has worked with a variety of mediums over the years.

These days, Janice has so many orders that she spends much of each day working on her lathe. In between orders, she is busy building a new, bigger work shop. However, she always has time to chat with people who drop by to watch her work. She even offers lessons and classes in wood turning and loves to talk to people about this art form that she is so passionate about. She also finds some time for her other passions, which include horticulture, flying (she is a student pilot) and spending time with her new twin grandchildren.

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