BeaR Foot Massage with YoungLiving Oils

Health & Wellness-Personal Care

BeaR foot Massage is a massage and foot soak service offered in Dawson Creek, BC.
BeaR Foot knows the importance of proper foot care and will spoil your toes with a relaxing massage and foot bath. BeaR massage uses YoungLiving oils to give her clients a blissful and relaxing service that will comfort and care for those tired, overused feet.

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Meet Bea Rutledge

Meet Bea Rutledge

As a natural caregiver, Bea Rutledge has always been passionate about comforting others. Her mission with BeaR Foot Massage is to assist people with a proactive approach to health through the care of their feet. She is excited about the new friendships she has been able to build since starting her business.

Bea has an exceptional connection to Dawson Creek and is able to truly recognize it for all of its allurement. “I work here, I live here, I love it here... we have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, we have the Northern Lights, we have life and we have love,” she proudly expresses. Her favourite downtown hangout is at
Happy Hobbit Curious Inc saying that “the energy is very high there, it is my happy place," and that it exudes an enticing essence with treasures hidden within its doors for everyone.
Bea loves the close-knit feeling of community that entrepreneurship brings and believes Dawson Creek always has something to do. The events in town that she most enjoys are the Christmas tree light up, the Car Show and Music in the Park.
Bea believes it is a good sign that more businesses are adding themselves to the downtown core but knows that the continual support of the community is important. “Small businesses need the support of our town to be able to strive and grow as a community,” she explains.
When not caring for others Bea enjoys spending time visiting, photography, sewing, crafting and enjoying the lifestyle of Dawson Creek. She expresses her enthusiasm about what Dawson Creek has to offer, “I love life and love to be part of a wonderful community.”

#1117 - 96A Ave NW
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 1M9


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