Tutti Gravel Inn

When you’re in the beautiful interior of BC, there’s no better place to stop in for the night than at Tutti Gravel Inn. This adorably quaint and cozy abode features all the amenities required for a restful stay, including privacy galore with the entire house to yourself. Settle into your three bedroom sanctuary, complete with a fully-equiped kitchen, bathroom, washer/dryer, comfortable living area and a huge, grassy yard well-suited for entertaining.

‘Tutti’ in Italian means everyone, and that’s exactly who’s welcomed to Tutti Gravel Inn. From cyclists and recreational travellers, to adventurists, thrill-seekers and relaxation-enthusiasts, this vacation rental offers something for ‘tutti’. Future plans entail bike rentals and tours throughout the region, as Clinton offers beautiful riding. Keep an eye out for a small cafe/bakery attached to the property as well.

Come one, come all- to Tutti Gravel Inn! Book your next holiday and they’ll make sure it’s a memorable one.

Meet Kelly Servinski

Meet Kelly Servinski

Kelly Servinski is a well travelled man, and with all the worldly beauty in his gaze, he chose to settle in Clinton, BC. As an avid cyclist, Kelly knows that Clinton boasts some of the best gravel biking around, and he's more than happy to share this well kept secret with fellow bike lovers. With his heart vested in the community, his ultimate goal is to bring additional tourism to the region, which will benefit many other small businesses and job prospects. Together, Kelly and his wife both love the creativity that entrepreneurship has granted them, and the ability to do what they're passionate about. They love the small town feel, the abundant history of the area, and most obviously, the local biking scene. “It's the best riding of it's kind in BC, hands down,” shares Kelly. “That is the number one reason why we bought the property and started the business, and will make Clinton home.”