Mile 47 Vintage Shop

Apparel & Accessories

Mile 47 Vintage Shop is part of a group of establishments that bring in collectors and antique lovers from all around. This quaint little store packs a plethora of heirlooms, relics, and treasures from decades long gone. Their curated selection of items is sure to delight collectors of all ages. Featuring vintage clothing, dishes, pottery, and countless other locally made items, Mile 47 Vintage Shop has something for everyone. You never know what you will find!

Whether you’re stopping in to inquire about antique goods or for local tourism information, owner Peter is happy to assist customers with any inquiries. Be sure to check out the regularly evolving stock of treasures; Mile 47 Vintage Shop has it all and then some!

Meet Peter Brandle

Meet Peter Brandle

Peter Brandle took over his Hwy 97 vintage shop in the summer of 2018 as a means to contribute to his community and supplement retired life. It's been a blessing to keep busy and to meet the many travelers who stop in Clinton. Peter enthusiastically shares the small-town sentiment of friendliness with everyone he meets, which was the feeling he received when first moving to the area. “We have been welcomed here-,” shares Peter. “And we love that we can see cows from our kitchen window!” Aside from collecting antiques for his new business, the entrepreneur also owns a small woodworking shop where he creates boxes, picture frames and other handcrafted items. Being his own boss allows for freedom of creative expression, a notion that deeply satisfies Peter to his soul.

1321 Hwy 97
Clinton, BC V0K 1K0


9am - 5pm daily

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance