Clinton Emporium


Located on the south end of the quaint Village of Clinton, the Clinton Emporium is a mecca for treasure hunters, vintage collectors, thrift seekers, java lovers and everyone in between. Renowned for both its well-stocked antique shop and social hub cafe, the Clinton Emporium is a prominent fixture in the central interior community for so many reasons. Featuring vintage tools, glassware, lanterns, wagon wheels, and horse-drawn farm equipment, the owners are happy to buy and sell a variety of related items from a diverse set of industries.

Be dazzled by the impressive display of historical items speckled throughout the shop, or take in a sumptuous sip of Van Houtte’s Canadian coffee while lounging in the fantastically kitsch 1950’s cafe dubbed “The Emporium’s Happy Days Coffee”. While you’re at it, give in to temptation with an assortment of baked goodies and select hot and cold beverages. Take your coffee while you browse, or hunker down for the long haul- the space is meant for gatherings with friends and moments of solitude with a good book.

The Clinton Emporium is so much more than antiques, its a place for visitors and locals alike to connect. Stop by the shop today and see what’s happening!

Meet James Wood & Rebecca Swan-Wood

Meet James Wood & Rebecca Swan-Wood

James Wood and Rebecca Swan-Wood have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. The married pair began their journey with the Clinton Emporium in 2000, after recognizing their lifelong love of antique hunting. Traveling across the country in hopes of finding the next big haul of treasures couldn't be more exciting for James and Rebecca. They also love sharing their obsession with their fellow residents of Clinton and with travelers from all over the world!

According to the avid antique-seekers, the many small businesses in Clinton stimulate a growing mosaic of vitality, essential in creating a sustainable community for years to come. Their own shop, along with the many other unique establishments in the village, is what makes Clinton such a charming place to live. James and Rebecca both love the small-town atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. For them and many others, life in Clinton provides the opportunity for balance and fulfillment.

1301-1305 Cariboo Hwy
Clinton BC, BC V0K1K0


Summer 9am - 6pm 7 days a week
Winter 9am - 5pm 7 days a week
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day