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ZenTyme Designs offers instruction in the Zentangle Method of creating art. This method helps the user create art in the form of abstract designs. It is easy to learn, even for those who don’t consider themselves artistic. Zentangle art promotes relaxation and improves concentration and focus. This six hour course introduces participants to the method, and participants will go home with a piece of their own artwork. Participants will also be able to purchase materials if they wish, including paper tiles, pencils and pens. Periodic drop-in sessions are also available so that participants can continue to learn and be inspired and encouraged to continue with their creative endeavours.

Meet Margaret Mabius

Meet Margaret Mabius

Since she began teaching the Zentangle Method, Margaret Mabius has gotten to know more people in her Chetwynd community. Of course, being a small town, some were already familiar faces, but interacting with them through the creation of art has given those relationships a whole new quality.

When Margaret retired from her job in the BC education system, she decided to pursue a new endeavour, one which would allow her to creatively combine business and art. The ability to do business on her own terms and according to her own values was important to her. She became a certified Zentangle instructor and now shares this fun and inspiring method with others. She appreciates the flexibility this business opportunity has provided her, but her biggest reward is in what her students get out of Zentangle. "Enabling people to be creative is wonderful. As well as creating art, we create community together. Most of all, I love it when I hear that someone was able to use what I have taught, to cope with stresses and challenges in their lives."

Margaret has lived in Chetwynd for more than 35 years. She has many connections with various groups in town. One of those is the Quintessential Quilt Guild. Margaret is an avid quilter and always has some kind of project going on that she tackles in her spare time. She also enjoys taking walks with her beloved dog, reading, gardening, working on her skills as an African hand drummer and spending time with her girlfriends over a cup of tea.

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