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Peace FM and CHET TV are community stations operated by and for the people of Chetwynd and region. Peace FM features a variety radio programming and music styles as well as local DJs. CHET TV’s broadcast schedule includes shows and stories of local and regional interest and local people. Both stations focus solely on local news and pieces of local and regional interest. Peace FM and CHET TV are committed to keeping local residents informed about what’s going on in their community.

Pine Tree Books is an offshoot of Peace FM/CHET TV. It stocks local, northern and historical books. It carries more than 900 titles, each one related to the region or written by a local author.

Peace FM/CHET TV is a member of the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce.

Meet The Chetwynd Communication Society & Leo Sabulsky

Meet The Chetwynd Communication Society & Leo Sabulsky

Leo Sabulsky was the Chetwynd fire chief and emergency services coordinator in the 1990s. Emergencies like car accidents would sometimes shut down local roads or highways. It was frustrating to Leo and other emergency services workers that there was no way to communicate to the whole community during such an emergency. The problem grew until finally Leo and a handful of other locals decided it was time to be proactive. They banded together and started a community radio station. When it first went on air in December of 1996, it became Canada's first community-owned radio station. CHET TV launched in March of 2000 and became Canada's first community television station.

These ground-breaking achievements could not have been accomplished if not for the tremendous efforts of the many volunteers behind it. Leo, who is the station manager and a Chetwynd Communication Society board member, notes that the society has an illustrious history of volunteerism. Everything from its inception to the day-to-day workings of the station and its programming relies on the dedication and work of volunteers.

Leo also points out that the station has given rise to numerous careers in and related to broadcasting and communications. Many of the station's staff throughout the years have been recent university graduates. "We give everyone their start," says Leo. "We love that we that we can give these people opportunities to get into the business and then they move on to other places, around the world even." In fact, the station has alumni working throughout Canada, the US and abroad.

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