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At Chetwynd Recycling & Bottle Depot, they believe recycling is everyone’s business. Sally and her team provide recycling services, container boxes and recycling information to the residents of Chetwynd.

Located in Chetwynd, the Chetwynd Recycling & Bottle Depot encourages people to get their plastic bags, office paper newspaper, paint, glass and cardboard recycled for the betterment of this planet.

The Chetwynd Recycling & Bottle Depot wants to help you help the environment. You’ll benefit by being paid back the deposit from your purchase, but it will also feel great to be doing your part to keep reusable material out of our landfills.

Newspapers, magazines, paint, spray cans, box board, labels, fluorescent paper, cardboard boxes, small appliances, electronics, computers and more are all accepted at the Chetwynd Recycling & Bottle Depot. Composters and rain barrels are also available.

The Chetwynd Recycling & Bottle Depot are huge supporters of their community. The depot allows any and all local groups and organizations to host bottle drives where each organization keeps their profits.

Meet Sally Paquette

Meet Sally Paquette

"Rome wasn't built in day," says business owner, Sally Paquette.

"If I lacked patience throughout this whole process of recycling I would have pulled my hair out and quit a long time ago. You have to keep reminding people and encouraging them. But it's all worth it in the end."

"I had met the previous owners a while ago," says Sally. "On our first meeting, they offered me a position at their company. After about three months of working with them, I was given the opportunity to purchase the business."

Sally likes the idea of working for herself towards a goal versus being employed by somebody else, that’s her favorite part of being an entrepreneur. "You get involved with people and you're always thinking of what you can do next, what would make it easier for people. As time goes by, costs go up and you have to be more imaginative and have more know how to do the same things with less money and more back power. You have to rely on ingenuity and people.”

Sally is very proud of all that she has achieved as her company came from humble beginnings. It all started with approximately one load a month to now bringing a full 53 foot trailer of recyclables and a full 53 trailer of cardboard to market each month. That’s 42,000 pounds of cardboard and 22,000 pounds of recyclables with less than half of Chetwynd participating- imagine if the entire community got on board!

"There is a closeness of our town’s people," she says. "You get more help in a small town than you would in a city. I feel a great deal of satisfaction recycling; I feel like I’m doing my part."

Chetwynd offers all the amenities, just with less people. This community is on a smaller scale but everything folks need is here. Chetwynd has great golfing, fishing and camping here and so during Sally's free time, she likes to golf, fish and camp. Sally loves the outdoor skating rinks and the Pine River. Most of all, Sally enjoys spending quality time with her special grand-baby.

"There are changes every year here", she says. "Unfortunately some of the business that open do end up closing. But I have noticed that some of the new business owners are younger and they have high hopes. They bring a level of excitement and put a lot of effort into their business. It's great to see."

Sally wishes anyone starting their own business luck. It provides more options for the town when businesses are open. Their longevity is anyone's guess, but Sally loves to see the new businesses start up in Chetwynd.

4824 54 St
Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0


Tuesday to Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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