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Make your next event more entertaining with music by 5 Star Karaoke & DJ Services. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, party, community or corporate event, 5 Star Karaoke & DJ Services will round out your event with a vast and diverse selection of music in any genre you choose. 5 Star Karaoke & DJ Services provides all equipment, including lighting if you choose, performs all set up and take down and provides entertainment for your entire event, from start to finish.

Meet Wilbert Rice

Meet Wilbert Rice

Wilbert Rice started his DJ career simply doing favours for the local Legion. It was more of a hobby than a job, but his reputation as DJ began to spread. Soon there were more requests for his services, so Wilbert turned it into a business. He has had the privilege of playing at many local events like weddings and dances over the years, including a number of benefits raising money for local people and causes. He finds it very satisfying and rewarding to be a part of someone's special event and to provide a service that makes people happy. When everyone has had a good time, Wilbert knows he has done his job.

The support that he has received from the community that has helped his business grow is typical of Chetwynd residents. "Everyone is willing to help support their fellow citizens," he notes, whether it is in patronizing a local small business or helping out a fellow resident that is in need. "Everyone is friendly here," he adds, making the forming of friendships and connections easy.

Wilbert is dedicated to serving the community of Chetwynd. He continues to volunteer with the Legion as well as local events. However, family time is his top priority. When he isn't busy working, he can usually be found hanging out with family.

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