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Symbols Design Corporation, based in Charlie Lake and serving Fort St. John and the surrounding area was started by Gary Oker in 2006. Symbols Design Corporation provides services in cultural arts, product design, sales marketing and business development. “My company is a 100% Indigenous owned and operated,” explained Garry, “we provide professional design services for new products or services development and our key areas of service include cross-cultural training, leadership training, and program development as well as customized Indigenous arts, music and cultural programs and ceremonies.”

Symbols Design Corporation provides consulting services to clients who seek innovative strategies for engagement through cultural industry development. Symbols Design Corporation also has the experience to assist your business with occupational health and safety program design.

Garry is proud of utilizing indigenous knowledge systems in his business by integrating ceremonial practices with business practices. “We can empower the indigenous people to use their spiritual ceremonies to bless our business practices,” said Garry.

Meet Garry Oker

Meet Garry Oker

Garry Oker is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist, traditional song-keeper and entrepreneur who calls Charlie Lake home. "I love living here," said Gary, "I enjoy the frontier atmosphere and the mentality that anything is possible."

Gary has the education, experience and talent to provide you with the services you seek. He received his Masters of Arts Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in 2005 and an Aboriginal Business Management Certificate from Ch’nook Sauder School of Business in 2015. Gary is also a bilingual, fluent speaker in English and Dane-zaa (Athabaskan Language, a keynote speaker and facilitator. Gary is a respected member in the Aboriginal cultural arts community and appreciates the amazing and talented individuals in the area who create world class businesses, arts, music, service and non-profit organizations.

Garry loves what he does in his business, Symbols Design Corporation and for him, both “work and pleasure are integrated," he said. Running his own business provides Gary with the freedom to come up with ideas and the time to fully develop them. He is rewarded by making the excitement of his customers in receiving something innovative and local.

Garry is a member and former Chief of Doig River First Nation located 70 kilometres Northeast of Fort St. John. Garry chooses to live and work in his hometown because he is deeply connected to his indigenous roots and he enjoys the familiarity of the community members. Garry loves making music, painting and being surrounded by nature.

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