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S/S Phillips Farm & Ranch is an operating ranch with a stunning location. They provide certified organic Angus beef that is naturally grazed and organically raised. Their red and black Angus beef cattle are humanely and ethically raised on the private and pristine acres of S/S Phillips Farm and Ranch. Their cattle receive no hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics and are raised on non-GMO range with no chemical sprays. Rosemarie is a certified organic producer #16-132 with Pacific Agricultural Certified Society. Their beef is processed at Lawrence Slaughterhouse in Dawson Creek and aged to perfection at their government inspected the facility. Their organic meat can be cut and wrapped to a customer’s specifications. S/S Phillips Farm & Ranch has their certified organic beef available to customers through year-round farm gate sales.

While the concentration of S/S Phillips Farm & Ranch is on certified organic beef production and sales they also have other dynamic interests on the farm. They raise and sell pure blue heelers and American Saddle bred horses. The ranch offers horse boarding and horse training as well as certified organic grain. Their scenic farm is even available for photo shoots for weddings or families and offers a prestigious and private conference meeting facility. The log buildings and log fencing, the gardens and farm animals, and especially the creek and the barn at S/S Phillips Farm & Ranch provide a unique and picturesque backdrop for photos.

For many years the farm and ranch has raised pure red and blue heelers. Rosemarie is passionate about these dogs as they are such loyal companion dogs and also very intelligent. Her heelers are great with family and with the cattle. The farm also sells American Saddle bred horse sales, a very elegant horse that is smooth to ride and good for all disciplines. Rosemarie fell in love with American Saddle horses years ago and likes them for their versatility and their good looks. S/S Phillips Farm & Ranch is all set up for horses with a barn and pens, cross fenced pastures and a riding arena.

With the help of her daughter and son-in-law, Rosemarie also raises certified organic grain – wheat, oats and barley. Their organic grain product is distributed to the lower mainland and is also available through farm gate sales.

Meet Rosemarie Phillips

Meet Rosemarie Phillips

"My husband, originally from Ontario, and I, from Saskatchewan, met in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories," said Rosemarie, "he came to play hockey and I, to teach school." They were kindred spirits and together they were ready for adventure. "We started a pioneering life in Fort St. John like two sparrows in a hurricane." Through years of hard work they established a successful certified organic farm and ranch and raised three children. "Our children are highly motivated and have a similar work ethic with a passion for nature and animals." Karree is a singer in Nashville, Shawna-Marie is an instructor at the local college and owner of Frontier Horsemanship, and Monte is an airline pilot captain for Cathay Pacific.

Rosmarie's motto is "never worked and never will" because she loves what she does and believes in the importance of raising certified organic cattle and providing certified organic beef.

Rosemarie is active in training, riding horses, raising heeler dogs, dancing and participating in sports. She loves art and dabbles in pottery. The cultural centre is her favourite place to go in Fort St. John. She enjoys traveling to see family in Nashville and Hong Kong but is always happy to come home to the ranch where the land calls to her. Rosemary attributes her good health to being physically active, being outdoors, eating healthy and being involved with family and friends.

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