Ed Martens


Ed Martens primarily uses materials gathered from the Lakes district area, to create his art pieces. The houses he carves are from long deceased cotton wood tree bark and he utilizes the mountain pine beetle wood for his pens. When the bugs kill the trees they have a blue stain inside which can create a very unique and beautiful designs when spinning pens.

Ed has also done a number of commission jobs which have included raw/mountain pine beetle bed frames with intricate designs playing with the grains of wood, to a set of chairs and a baptism basin designed all by himself.

Meet Ed Martens

Meet Ed Martens

Ed Martens began carving some ten years ago and at the time, he was a recreational fisherman that became interested in carving fish, similar to carving decoys. Eventually, Ed ventured into carving birds of various types, including owls and birds of prey. He found the art of carving caricatures, while still with this medium, led to him carving tree bark, whether it is "tree spirits" or "whimsical houses." In his spare time he keeps busy fishing, and puttering around his shop.

8312 Baker Dr, Decker Lake
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E1

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