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The Beacon Theatre was purchased in August of 2010 by the Lakes District Film Appreciation Society and reopened as Canada’s second community-owned cinema. The theatre still had a 1950’s era projector and 35mm system, which meant obtaining films for the theatre would be difficult and expensive, and they wouldn’t reach Burns Lake until long after the films had their first run in major centres. Digital projection and sound equipment were installed to bring the theatre up to date and now first-run films, 3D movies, and even satellite events can be viewed at the Beacon.

Meet John Illes

Meet John Illes

As president of the Lakes District Film Appreciation Society, John Illes was instrumental in the forming of the Society in 2009 and subsequently the purchase and modifications to the Beacon Theatre.
"The Beacon Theatre is one of the smallest cinemas in British Columbia to be equipped with digital projection and 3D technology," he explains. "With this equipment, we're able to offer local residents a wider range of programming options - everything from feature films to productions supplied only in digital format."
The non-profit society employs nine part-time employees and is expected to inject over $100,000 into the local economy. By purchasing a $20 annual membership to the society, you become a voting member and help to keep independent cinema alive in Burns Lake.

441 Hwy 16
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0