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Your world-class Cariboo back-country adventure begins at Becker’s Lodge. Becker’s Lodge is internationally-renowned for its quality outdoor outfitting services and rustic, charming and pristine guest cabins, chalets, and camping. Guests will be fully immersed in nature, surrounded by crystal clear water, green forest, and the peaceful sounds of birds and wildlife while enjoying the hospitality and service of Becker’s Lodge staff. Guests have a diverse range of options to choose from when planning their back-country getaway in the famous Bowron Lake Provincial Park, including circuit packages, Cariboo Falls packages and holiday packages; or guests may simply come, stay and rent a canoe or kayak for exploring on their own. There is even a general store on site stocked with groceries, supplies, and camping gear for your convenience.

Meet Lothar Vollmer

Meet Lothar Vollmer

Becker's Lodge has been in operation since 1933 and already had a strong international reputation when Lothar Vollmer and his family took over the business in 1991. In fact, Lothar moved to Bowron Lake from Germany just for this opportunity. It was a pleasant and welcome change for Lothar, who came from a German city of two million residents. It's quite a contrast to the Bowron Lake area, where Lothar is one of just a handful of residents, although the area is flooded with tourists for about four months of every year. For the other eight months, Lothar is privileged to enjoy an unparalleled kind of peace and quiet that few other BC residents ever get to experience. "It is easy to handle and a wonderful environment," says Lothar.

Lothar has always been an avid outdoors enthusiast who particularly enjoyed canoeing. Back in Germany, Lothar heard about the amazing and spectacular Bowron Lakes area and brought his family here for a holiday. When he arrived, he was so enamored with the region and the business that he talked the former owner into selling the business to him.

Lothar was no stranger to entrepreneurship when he bought the lodge and outfitting business. He has always worked for himself ("I don't know any different," he notes). He has always enjoyed the freedom and the challenges that both come with business ownership. Of course, with Becker Lodge, Lothar also gets the benefit of living in and daily enjoying one of the most remote and beautiful locations in BC.

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