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The Copper Sun Gallery:
The Copper Sun Gallery was established in 2015 with the intention of providing a venue for Nuxalk artists to sell and receive fair prices for their work. Located on traditional Nuxalk territory in beautiful Bella Coola, the Copper Sun Gallery carries all locally-made, handcrafted Nuxalk art. Nuxalk art has a distinctive style and features particular designs that are unique to Nuxalk territory and family crests. In particular, the use of a vibrant blue has long been an identifying hallmark of Nuxalk art, the “Bella Coola Blue.” Smayustas, or creation stories, are tied to family crests and also a shared history. They are the reason Nuxalk art is crafted and each piece made by a Nuxalk artist is carrying this history.

Copper Sun Journeys:
Copper Sun Journeys is an aboriginal owned and operated company also established in 2015 in Nuxalk territory. Nuxalk territory is home to spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and dramatic mountain peaks. It is also home to the Nuxalk Nation’s ancient petroglyphs – rock carvings estimated to be over 7,000 years old and a very sacred and spiritual place for Nuxalk people.

Nuxalk guides Chris Nelson and Clyde Young have accomplished culturalists who take immense pride in their Nuxalkmc culture, songs and stories. Clients of Copper Sun Journeys can participate in a two-hour ‘Petroglyph Tour’ featuring a walk through the Great Bear Rainforest with aboriginal guides. Guests can learn about the ancient history of this amazing place while the sounds of traditional songs and stories echo through the forest. “It’s a magical experience not offered anywhere else in the world,” said Caitlin Thompson.

Copper Sun Journeys also offers a two-hour ‘Walk of the Totems’, a tour of the charming village of Bella Coola on foot, from the banks of the river to the traditional school. Guides show clients the towering totem poles that tell the smayustas, the creation stories, of past and present. The tour also features a visit to a working carvers studio.

Meet the Nuxalk Development Limited Partnership

Meet the Nuxalk Development Limited Partnership

The Nuxalk Development Limited Partnership operates the Copper Sun Gallery and Copper Sun Journeys. Their CEO is Keith Hamilton. Danika Naccarella is the Manager of Copper Sun Gallery and Clyde Young is the Guide for Copper Sun Journeys and an attendant in the Copper Sun Gallery.

In Bella Coola, Copper Sun Gallery and Journeys is a business with deep connections to everyone in the community in some way and those connections lead to partnerships that help the business grow. The locals support the business and the business supports the community.

Staff at Copper Sun Gallery and Journeys are proud of their business for its connections to local organizations, people and other businesses. They especially appreciate the Nuxalk artisans because they are very talented and the work they create is so rare and valuable.

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