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The Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agricultural Society (BCVSAS) is a registered non-profit society which aims to support a sustainable local food system and increase food security for the people living in the Bella Coola Valley. By enhancing local production and consumption of nutritious foods right from the source, food sustainability can flourish.

Community members support food security in the Bella Coola Valley by supporting local farms and food harvesters. Local eating has many advantages, such as: building vibrant communities by connecting people with the farmers and food producers/harvesters who bring them healthy, local goods; building a local economy by supporting jobs in the valley; reducing climate impacts by reducing how much food is imported to the valley; creating less food (and packaging) waste; and best of all, enjoying local produce that is full of flavour and bursting with freshness and nutrients.

The BCVSAS promotes their mission by various means. Members support and participate in community events, provide educational material at farmers markets, engage with local schools, and fundraise for outreach campaigns and local farmer support.

In addition, the BCVSAS supports a part-time Food Security Coordinator. The Food Security Coordinator implements gleaning programs for fruit tree harvesting, film nights, annual soup cook-offs, seasonal Night Markets, and capacity building workshops.

“The mission of the BCVSAS is to facilitate the development of a sustainable local food system by building community capacity, in order to achieve community socioeconomic wellness.”

Meet the Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agricultural Society Board

Meet the Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agricultural Society Board

The Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agricultural Society's current and past members are farmers, health care professionals, food policy experts, planners, and more. All of our members share a concern for the current and future vitality of Bella Coola’s food systems, both community and agricultural health and wellness. A committed Board of Directors volunteers their time and energy to fulfilling the Society's mission.

In the past, the Bella Coola Valley exported fruits and vegetables. the capacity to feed the Valley lies in its rich soil and clean water. The BCVSAS exists to support farms and farmers to reach their potential in a sustainable way and to promote local food.

“We are locals who care about this place,” says Nicole Kaechele, one of the Board of Directors.
A favourite past-time for many board members is making meals that celebrate as many local ingredients as possible.

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