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Bella Coola Valley Seafoods specializes in smoked salmon and top quality seafood. Their commercially caught salmon are processed on-site and smoked or filleted for great tasting seafood.

Since 1996, Sandy and Ed have been operating Bella Coola Valley Seafoods and they are proud of their business longevity and their meaningful involvement in the food supply chain. “We are proud of who we do business with and we are proud of our products,” Sandy said. Through Bella Coola Valley Seafoods, Sandy and Ed are able to support local events and charities with product donations.

Meet Sandy & Ed Willson

Meet Sandy & Ed Willson

Sandy and Ed love Bella Coola, where everyone is personable, people wave and there are many friendly people who genuinely care for each other. "It's a friendly, healthy and beautiful place," said Sandy. They especially enjoy the Salloompt Nature Trail on the drive out to their Bella Coola Valley Seafood's shop on the Salloompt River Road.

Sandy and Ed have noticed more small businesses and little shops starting up in the area as well as home-based businesses. These new businesses, combined with the active existing businesses, help create and maintain an active local economy. Sandy and Ed recommend Mountain Valley Organics and the Little Nook Café.

2876 Salloompt River Rd
Bella Coola, BC V0T 1C0


Sunday to Saturday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Local Causes we Support