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Albert’s Repair Service is an active automotive and marine repair shop. Their professional and experienced staff include three ticketed automotive mechanics with tickets in welding, glass, heavy duty and marine repair. They are an ICBC express glass shop and can conduct automotive and heavy duty CVIP inspections. Welding is also available at Albert’s Repair Service.

No matter what your automotive or marine repair needs, Albert’s Repair Service has you covered. Their fast and efficient staff can get the job done safely so you can continue on your journey. They stock a variety of marine and automotive parts and can order in what is needed to complete your marine or automotive repair.

Meet Gerry & Melanie Kloss

Meet Gerry & Melanie Kloss

In 2008, Gerry and Melanie purchased Albert's Repair Service, a long time mechanic and repair business in Bella Coola. "We became entrepreneurs because there are no industry jobs in the Valley and you must create your own job if you want one," explained Melanie. They are proud of their long-time local business, especially how diversified they are as a repair shop. As entrepreneurs, they believe that the best way to predict your future is to create it and are pleased to be part of the local business community.

Melanie has noticed more small businesses starting up such as coffee shops, organic grocery stores, a coffee grinding business and art shops. "I think that these small businesses are giving the community new life and I hope they continue to grow and that more will come," said Melanie.

Gerry and Melanie enjoy the pace of life in Bella Coola and the general positive feel of the community in the valley. Everyone is concerned about each other and it becomes like an extended family. They both enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment that surrounds Bella Coola. Melanie and Gerry like to hike, fish and get out on the ocean on their boat. There are many hiking trails nearby Bella Coola that allow an up close experience with the gorgeous countryside and Melanie recommends locals and tourists alike try exploring the trails.

930 Hwy 20
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