McMahon’s Confectionery

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McMahon’s Confectionery is a favourite stop in Barkerville for kids of all ages. No sweet tooth will go unsatisfied with its superb selection of treats, including old-fashioned candies, a unique assortment of fresh hand-made fudges, ice creams and soda pops. Recreated to look like a 1930’s style confectionery, McMahon’s isn’t just for kids. Grown ups will find many specialty products familiar treats like the kinds they enjoyed during their own childhoods. You can even sit a spell on the front porch with a copy of the Cariboo Sentinel while you enjoy your treat or cold soda.

Meet William, Robert & Douglas Rummel

Meet William, Robert & Douglas Rummel

McMahon's Confectionery is a throwback to the 1930's. Though the initial rush to find gold had waned, Barkerville was still a busy, vibrant community. Back then, McMahon's Confectionery was the Red Front Cigar Store and sold tobacco, sundries and confections. McMahon's has been recreated to pay homage to the original business as well as to resemble an authentic 1930's candy shop. Many of Barkerville's youngest guests say it is their favourite place to see when they visit.

Owners and siblings William Rummel, Robert Rummel and Douglas Rummel focus not just on atmosphere, but also on the experience that their guests get. Often that comes along with a playful education of what life would have been like back in Barkerville's early era.

In fact, the Rummels strive for this in all of their shops. They also own several other Barkerville businesses, including C. Strouss and Company, Eldorado Gold Panning and Gift Shop and Mason and Daly General Merchants. They have been a part of the Barkerville community for more than two decades, and many of their guests remember coming to Barkerville as children, and some are even bringing their own kids to experience that same wonder and excitement.

33 Main St
Barkerville, BC V0K 1B0


Open daily in summer
9:00 am - 6:00 pm