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Commemorate your visit to Barkerville with a period portrait that will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to Barkerville’s historic gold rush era. You dress for your portrait in period clothing from the 1870’s and have your photo taken in an old-fashioned setting. The result is an authentic-looking sepia style photograph that will become a lasting family keepsake or a unique way to commemorate an engagement, wedding or other milestone life event. Louis A Blanc Photographic Gallery offers several photo packages for customers to choose from. The gallery also rents period costumes for guests who simply want to wander the streets of Barkerville and experience it just as it was during the gold rush.

Meet Ron & Pat Young

Meet Ron & Pat Young

The Louis A. Blanc Photographic Gallery is named for one of the town's first photographers. Though much of his personal story and background is lost to history, it is known that he spent a few years in Barkerville during the gold rush, taking photos and recording mining claims. His studio was one of the buildings that burned down in the Barkerville fire, and though he did continue to work for a few years after that, the gold soon dwindled and work became scarcer, and he eventually left.

When it was decided that Louis A. Blanc's studio should be reborn, it was Ron and Pat Young who took up where Blanc left off. They have been taking pictures and printing portraits of Barkerville guests in period clothing every season for more than thirty years. The business has been through many changes: from Polaroid to digital and chemical processing to digital processing of printed portraits.

Through it all, the Youngs have adapted and grown with the industry, but the kind of service that they provide in Barkerville hasn't changed much since they first started. They still enjoy helping visitors get dressed up, and they like the challenge of making portraits look "old fashioned" while using modern equipment. Louis Blanc Studio has photographed thousands of people from places all over the world and created memorable keepsakes that get passed down through families over many years.

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Open daily during Barkerville's regular season
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