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The King/Kelly House Bed and Breakfast is located in historic Barkerville, the only official heritage site in Canada that allows overnight guests. You are invited to enjoy this unique opportunity to experience not just all that Barkerville has to offer, but also the great Cariboo wilderness and back-country that surrounds the Barkerville Historic Town. The King/Kelly House Bed and Breakfast is located within the park’s gates in two restored Barkerville homes. Guests will be surrounded by period decor that will transport you back to the Cariboo’s great gold rush era. Guests can choose from a variety of room formats that sleep anywhere from one to four people each. The King/Kelly House Bed and Breakfast homes are family-friendly and also include rooms that are perfect for a romantic getaway for two. Guests will be able to take advantage of all of the sites and services located in Barkerville, including several restaurants, specialty shops, bakery/cafe, stagecoach rides and live theatre performances. All stays include a hearty home-cooked breakfast (and the famous Kelly House scones) and admission to Barkerville Historic Town & Park. Other local sites include the town of Wells, the Bowron Lakes Chain and Bowron Lake Provincial Park.

The King/Kelly House Bed and Breakfast is a member of the Wells & District Chamber of Commerce and the Quesnel & District Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Carol McGregor

Meet Carol McGregor

The King House and the Kelly House are both restored Barkerville gold rush era homes. The Kelly House in particular was named for the patriarch of the Kelly family, Andrew Kelly, a prominent Barkerville businessman who opened the Kelly Hotel in 1871. The homes are a nod to his original business and the influence that the Kelly family had on Barkerville's early history and its significance in the Cariboo gold rush period.

Carol McGregor started the King/Kelly House Bed and Breakfasts in 1997 after moving to Wells. The move was a deliberate lifestyle choice and came on the heels of purchasing a home in Wells. Starting the business was her way of supporting herself and the rural lifestyle that she had embraced. Owning a business located within Barkerville comes with unique opportunities for collaboration with other Barkerville business owners, and all of them work together in ways that are distinctive from other communities. Barkerville is completely tourism-driven and so requires a special kind of partnership among its businesses and camaraderie between owners that Carol appreciates.

Carol knows most everyone in Wells as well as those who work in Barkerville and so, she says, "it doesn't take much to make a big difference." Carol also notes that those who have chosen to live in Wells do so because they love the rural lifestyle and they make a commitment to making the lifestyle work for themselves and for their fellow community members. They have an incredible willingness to adapt, creative ideas and the drive to carry them out. For that dedication, residents like Carol are rewarded with a backyard playground that includes easy access to just about any and every recreational opportunity imaginable. Carol's favourites include biking, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing.

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