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Hungry prospectors are invited to stop in at Goldfield Bakery for a little taste of Heaven. You can’t help but be tempted by the scent of fresh-baked breads, like Goldfield Bakery’s famous signature sourdough bread, as well as pastries, cakes and cookies. Every original-recipe item is lovingly made fresh every morning from scratch by dedicated bakers who take pride in their craft and in bringing you the best-tasting baked goods in gold country. You can also take a midday break from mining and enjoy a steaming bowl of hearty homestyle soup or delicious sandwich before heading out again to find your fortune.

Meet Barbara Cirotto

Meet Barbara Cirotto

Wells resident Barbara Cirotto has been baking and cooking for Barkerville visitors since 1998 when she took over the Goldfield Bakery. She has met people from all over the world and knows how powerful good food can be when it comes to creating and fostering connections between people, even strangers.

Sharing her passion for homestyle, scratch-made fresh food with others is what she loves about being in business. Owning her own bakery has been a dream come true for Barbara, and her biggest reward is far from monetary. Rather, it is seeing guests enjoying the things she has cooked and hearing their positive comments and "thank-yous." It gives her a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that money can't buy.

Barbara is a small-town person who loves to be connected to nature. It makes Wells the perfect place for her to live and work. She and her husband like to spend time exploring the wilderness, and there is much of it to see in and around Wells and the Cariboo. She loves being able to look out any window of her home and see mountains, and she appreciates the ability to step out her back door and onto the scenic meadow trail and go for a walk.

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Open daily during Barkerville's regular operating season
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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