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Andy had always wanted to go into business for himself and be his own boss. Andy started his home-based dog boarding business, Odermatt Dog Boarding, in 2012 and he has been successfully busy for the last four years. “I like to offer people a professional service that I can be the owner of and call all my own,” said Andy. His job is satisfying because he knows he is providing good care for all the dogs that come to his boarding facility. “I love all the dogs,” said Andy, ” they all have individual personalities.”

Odermatt Dog Boarding is a dog boarding facility that cares for all types of dogs, big or small, young or old-timers and Andy cares for your dog when you aren’t able to. From one day care to long-term care, the boarding facility is flexible to your schedule and your needs. Odermatt is located conveniently ten minutes from Fort St. John, five minutes from the airport and is open seven days a week.

Andy is proud of his business’ positive reputation and knows the importance of a good recommendation. “So many people know one another and communicate,” said Andy, “people connect with each other so word of mouth recommendations work well.”

Meet Andy Odermatt

Meet Andy Odermatt

Andy has happily lived in Fort St. John all his life and really appreciates the variety of active sports clubs in his community. Andy believes that helping small businesses start up and succeed is important to community health.

He appreciates all the individual people who contribute to Fort St. John, especially those who own and operate their own business. When he is not busy with his own small business, Andy enjoys being out in nature and gardening. He also likes going to movies and shopping at many of the cool small stores in Fort St. John such as Needful Things, the Olive Tree, the Cottage Wellness and Retreat Centre as well as Peace River Building Supplies.

5472 242 Rd
Baldonnel, BC V1J 4M6


Sunday to Saturday
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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