Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters

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More than a century ago, a gold rush put Atlin on the map. Now this remote, beautiful town in northern British Columbia is experiencing a new resource boom: wood-heat roasted coffee.

Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters creates artisan roasts in all your favourite profiles-dark, medium, light with their unique wood roasting process. As if their wood roasting technique wasn’t amazing enough, Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters is solar powered, making their whiskey barrel aged coffee even more special.

Can’t make it to Atlin? Fear not, this delicious coffee ships to you.

Meet Leandra and Philippe Brient

Meet Leandra and Philippe Brient

Owners Leandra and Philippe Brient are in love with coffee and the outdoors. They dreamt big, looking for a home based business to work on together and now Atlin Coffee Roasters is the product of that dream, keeping them busy and caffeinated!
From harvesting dead standing pine in the Boreal forest, to sourcing packaging and materials as local as possible, to collaboration blends with BC Parks and the Wild Sheep Society of BC, Leandra and Philippe are proud of creating a truly local business!

1000 McDonald Lake Road
Atlin, BC V0W 1A0


Monday - Friday
9 am - 5 pm