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Theresa Takacs teaches students to sing by helping them understand how their own bodies are an instrument. This acoustical method encourages students to use their bodies to produce a sound that is full, rich and natural, and to project their voices properly for an audience. Students will also have opportunity to explore aspects of public performance. Theresa can help students prepare for music festivals, auditions, recitals, singing in church or other performance venues/events. Theresa can also help students who just want to sing for fun or to develop their voices to be part of a choir. Group singing lessons are also available for small groups of 6-8 students in off-site locations such as schools, churches or commercial space. Theresa also teaches beginner piano and beginner guitar lessons. Whether you’re learning to sing or play piano or guitar, Theresa teaches students to read music, understand chord structures and to read all the road maps on a page of music as well as to develop an understanding of music theory.

Theresa is currently ironing out the kinks for online teaching that will allow for a stable internet connection between student and teacher, and a better capability of synced timing of both computers. Some of the more mainstream platforms such as Zoom have been wonderful for communication, but not necessarily the best collaborative singing, or music lessons. She hopes to have it up and running by September 2020

Theresa is also available to sign at life events.

Theresa has incorporated the name of a local children’s choir, for children between the ages 8 and 15, that will be starting soon. Check out:

Theresa Takacs is a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers Association and the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Meet Theresa Takacs

Meet Theresa Takacs

Theresa Takacs life in Ashcroft has come full circle, although she is in no way contemplating slowing down any time soon. Theresa's first move to the Ashcroft area was in 1981 when she came to work at a family member's restaurant. It was then that she met the man she would go on to marry. The couple later moved to Kamloops after the birth of their son so that Theresa could pursue her musical training. They lived and worked there for several years, but they had developed a love for Ashcroft that would eventually bring them back to live out their retirement years.

There were many things about Ashcroft that initially attracted Theresa to the area and which they still love today. Though it appears to be a laid back, quiet town, it has a rich cultural side that Theresa deeply enjoys and which keeps her busy every day of the week. Being a small town means that it's easier to develop friendships and that everything from business to entertainment is much more personal. People are genuinely interested in one another here, Theresa notes, and take the time to get to know others. " I love the fact that I can walk down the street and I know the person I walk by," says Theresa.

Much of Theresa's life both in and out of her work revolves around music. She volunteers as leader of song at St. Gerard's Church in Ashcroft. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and even teaches dancercise. Quiet reflection is also an important part of Theresa's daily life. She likes to go for walks and simply enjoy the abundant natural beauty of the Ashcroft desert region.

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