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Rolgear Manufacturing is the producer of the exclusive, patented technology Rolgear ratcheting screwdriver. Rolgear is a family-owned and operated business that has been a part of the Ashcroft community since 2009. In addition to producing the world’s smoothest screwdriver, Rolgear’s mission is to promote the Canadian economy as well as fair trade. Rolgear is committed to sourcing locally, and all of Rolgear’s screwdrivers are manufactured in Canada. Rolgear ratcheting screwdrivers are available in hardware stores across Canada, including right here in Ashcroft.

Meet Robert Suter (Owner) & Angela Bandelli (Manager)

Meet Robert Suter (Owner) & Angela Bandelli (Manager)

Robert Suter is a tradesman at heart, and it was his desire to create a ratcheting screwdriver that was more efficient and easier to use that lead him to launch Rolgear Manufacturing. Part of his vision in producing his products was to keep as much of the manufacturing process in Canada as possible, even as others urged him to locate operations overseas where labour is cheaper. But this just didn't fit in with his ideals. So when a friend told him that he owned a building in Ashcroft that would be perfect for Rolgear's operations, Robert took the opportunity and bought it, setting up shop in 2009. Since then, Rolgear has manufactured thousands of tools which are sold in stores all over Canada. Robert is proud of the company's products, and the feedback that he gets from people in the trades is very rewarding. He has also been encouraged by the fact that Ashcroft has been so welcoming and supportive of the business.

The move to Ashcroft turned out to be a great decision. Here, says Robert, you don't even need to get into your car to get around. "Everything is nearby," he points out, and he often simply jumps on his bike when he wants to go somewhere. He adds that Ashcroft has a lot of character for a small town.

Rob is an equine fan who laments that he wishes he had more time to ride. Rolgear Manufacturing Manager Angela Bandelli, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, is an artist specializing in "rusty art." She notes that Ashcroft is rife with some of the most amazing, talented artists in BC.

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