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Internationally-acclaimed artist Jo Petty has exhibited her work in venues and galleries in locations as far away as Japan, and her work with acrylics, oils and watercolours is well-known throughout the Thompson-Nicola region. Jo has also worked in large-scale murals in Ashcroft and abroad. Jo Petty does most of her painting in her studio in Ashcroft where visitors can view her paintings on canvas as well as her stunning paintings on silk scarves and clothing. Jo Petty draws much of her inspiration for her paintings, many of which depict nature themes, from the spectacular desert landscape surrounding Ashcroft. Jo Petty has studied under various instructors through workshops, seminars and classes through the Emily Carr College of Art and Design and Thompson Rivers University. She has been influenced by fellow artists and mentors Brian Scott, from Courtney BC, David Langivin from Kamloops BC and Royden Josephson, from Ashcroft. Jo Petty mentors other young artists herself and offers art instruction through local schools and other venues. Jo Petty’s artwork is available at her studio and on

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Meet Jo Petty

Meet Jo Petty

When Jo Petty first moved to Ashcroft in 1975, the arts community was just beginning to come together. Today, four decades later, it is alive, vibrant and well-known throughout the interior as an artist's community. This artistic culture is embraced by the community as a whole, and it is one of the things that Jo most appreciates about Ashcroft. It provided her the ideal atmosphere and inspiration for pursuing her art career. Jo is a painter and works with acrylics, oils and watercolours on canvas and also paints on silk. Her home studio is accented with brightly coloured painted silk scarves and clothing. One of her most visible works is the mural that she painted for the movie "An Unfinished Life" that was filmed in Ashcroft, which can still be seen in downtown Ashcroft.

Besides being an artsy community, Ashcroft's reasonable cost of living makes it a wonderful place for not just artists but business owners in general. "The cost of living and doing business in a small town makes it possible for greater opportunities. Rents and taxes are much more conducive for entrepreneurs," says Jo. "For my business as an artist, it is a perfect match." Jo has seen a number of changes in Ashcroft over the years. The more recent shift to a centre of wellness and healthy living is one that excites Jo and further ignites her passion for art. She appreciates the many local businesses that are devoted to better health and wellness, like "UniTea": and Chandra's Health & Gifts. "It feels like a whole new groundswell of energy is being released," declares Jo. "The focus is changing to a more healthy way of being, and it is drawing a whole new crowd of people with it. New businesses in this lifestyle are increasing a lot for Ashcroft. I feel this new vision has only just begun."

Jo lives by the motto that "every mark matters." Whether it is a brush stroke on canvas or an interaction with someone, "I believe that we leave a mark on everything we touch or do. It does not matter where or how that mark is being released. We release energy through mark making and it draws people to explore and do it themselves," says Jo.

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