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OT Timber Frames is a custom, handcrafted timber frame manufacturer and fabricator located in sunny Williams Lake. This reputable company delivers high-quality timber frame building systems and solutions utilizing detailed joinery, top-quality materials, all with environmental sensitivity in mind.

Trees are carefully selected, and crafted into solid, structurally workable timbers while simultaneously incorporating energy-saving processing methods. Sustainable solutions is a top priority, ensuring the product is produced and constructed locally. “From forest to finish,” boasts owner, Oliver Tritten.

OT Timber Frames builds all manner of timber projects, including residential homes, commercial buildings, live roof systems, (Oliver being one of a handful of Canadians certified to build these structures), signage, entries, gazebos, furniture, stairs, carports and so much more. In addition to manufacturing and fabrication, OT offers general contracting services where we call in our intimate and trusted engineer & architect friends.

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Meet Oliver Tritten

Meet Oliver Tritten

Oliver Tritten was born to work with wood. He has been immersed in the timber industry for over three decades, perfecting his craft with endless hours of timber planning, drawing, engineering and building experience from all over the globe.

Oliver grew up in Ontario and at the age of thirteen, he and his family moved to Switzerland. He spent his young adult life overseas studying timber framing, resulting in a Master’s Degree. As a timber framer specializing in advanced engineered roof systems, Oliver landed a job with Pioneer Log Homes in the summer of 2000, making Williams Lake his home away from home for good.

After establishing his career and showcasing his knowledge, Oliver branched out on his own venture. “There was plenty of room in the market; starting a new business was an obvious decision. It’s a wonderful town to live in, and obviously, I love the wood supply around Williams Lake,” laughs Oliver.

The new entrepreneurship has been a booming success. When quiet moments allow for it, Oliver enjoys spending time with his two children out in the wilderness; either camping, fishing, panning for gold, or snowboarding. He recommends visiting Cariboo and Ghost Lake, both favourite spots of his highlighting the wonderful history of the Gold Rush era.

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