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Thorne Studios / Slapback Music Production makes art from music and music from art. Owner and professional musician Peter Thorne developed an interest in cigar box guitars and began making them out of wood. His artisan-quality guitars are hand-crafted and produce a sound so unique that more and more contemporary musicians are taking up playing the Box guitar today more than a century after they all but disappeared. Co-owner Gail Thorne is also an artist, working on developing her paintings which she creates, displays and sells from the couple’s home-based studio.

Thorne Studios / Slapback Music Production is also a hub for musical entertainment, offering private guitar lessons as well as musical bookings (solo and duo) for parties, weddings and events. The business also offers professional recording services.

Meet Peter & Gail Thorne

Meet Peter & Gail Thorne

Peter Thorne has lived in the 100 Mile House area most his whole life, minus all the years that he spent on the road in his 20's and 30's traveling as a musician in various bands. Eventually he settled into cabinet making, but in his spare time he decided to try making hand-crafted "cigar box" guitars, a style that harkens back to the days of the Depression when people who couldn't afford guitars would fashion their own out of discarded cigar boxes. Today Peter, who is an avid member of Cigar Box Nation ( makes every part, including the boxes, by hand, and musicians love the retro guitars, using them for fun as well as for performing. Peter also continues to perform, although he travels less than he used to. He is well-known in the 100 Mile House area and also performs around the region.

Peter met Gail after she moved to 100 Mile House in 2000 from Vancouver for work. An artist by profession, Gail has exhibited and sold her work throughout BC in the 1990's. When the couple married, they pooled their talents and launched their home studio and website where Gail displays her paintings and Peter sells his guitars. Sometimes Gail even adds her artwork to Peter's guitars, which are works of art in their own right.

Running a business can be challenging sometimes, Gail notes, but she and Peter are encouraged by the number of new and unique businesses that have opened in 100 Mile House in recent months. This, the couple believes, will be beneficial to everyone, business owners and residents alike,

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