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Our feet are one of the hardest working parts of our bodies. They take us where we need to go, and if things aren’t quite right, walking can be painful and challenging.

Thankfully Ingrid’s Foot Care is here to help get people back on their feet again. Working her magic with her award-winning business since 2002, Ingrid is a master, certified pedicurist, covering reflexology, diabetic footcare, ingrown nail, wart, and corn treatments.

Reflexology solves many foot woes by encouraging balance in the body. Derived from what’s called ‘zone therapy,’ reflexology targets specific areas on the feet that have therapeutic effects on other parts of the body. Clients with a wide range of concerns see drastic improvements in their health with this specialized treatment.

Ingrid’s Foot Care offers full foot care experience, from massage to cutting and filing away rough edges, your feet have never felt better!

Especially pertinent is foot care for diabetics. Diabetes takes a serious toll on the feet, caused by restricted nerves and poor circulation. Ingrid is happy to provide house calls, so sit back, relax, and let the professionals come to you!

Not only are your feet taken care of, Ingrid also specialized in ear candle treatments, and offers a vast selection of quality products to maintain your feet health.

Taking care of your feet improves your overall body function. Get moving again, with Ingrid’s Foot Care. Give them a call today!

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Meet Ingrid Meyer

Meet Ingrid Meyer

Ingrid Meyer and her husband, Rainer, immigrated to Canada from Germany in 2002. The couple left behind their son to take over their renowned therapy centre while they set up a new life in 108 Mile Ranch.

Together the Meyers have a wealth of knowledge in health and wellness, turning their new business venture into an immediate success. Ingrid has gained many certifications in foot care, making her an expert in the field. Investing everything they have into providing a quality experience for the people of 100 Mile House has been a proud accomplishment for the pair.

Living in the 100 Mile House area has been a wonderful change for both Ingrid and Rainer. The foot care entrepreneur absolutely loves the caring nature of the community. The local restaurants are to die for and Ingrid especially finds the Arts Council to be doing an amazing job.

“I love shopping here! All of our restaurants, car dealers, and shops are better than anywhere else!” boasts Ingrid.

When Ingrid and her husband have some time to relax, they love taking their dogs to Centennial Park for a jaunt. It’s a fabulous spot for everyone to visit.

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