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Taste the difference that true quality makes. 108 Sausage Company takes their meat seriously and it certainly shows. Their pork is raised free of hormones and steroids, living a happy life outdoors roaming in large paddocks. A content life for animals equates to delicious and tender meat.

At 108 Sausage Company, all sausages are made with care using the same meat you would use for your Sunday roast dinner. “If it was not good enough to feed our family, it was not good enough for yours,” says owner Ron Dyck.

Every recipe is passed through rigorous family taste-testing. Zero fillers or extra fats are added, while only using a proprietary blend of herbs, spices and Himalayan salt. Low in sodium and naturally lean, 108 Sausage Company promises to be exponentially healthier and tastier than your super-market alternative.

Enjoy savoury selections such as fresh and frozen breakfast and dinner sausages, sausage patties, smoked sausages, Snack Stix (Pepperoni), dry-cured, sugar-free bacon and select cuts. All products are hand crafted in small batches, are gluten-free and taste beyond amazing. At 108 Sausage Company, you get what you pay for and then some.

Catch 108 Sausage Company at various farmers markets throughout British Columbia. Shop locally without the out-of-town hassle or take a drive out to 108 Mile Ranch and take in the sights along the way. Visit their website for a complete listing of farmers markets near you. Alternatively, you can contact the shop to place your order or to schedule your pick-up.

108 Sausage Company – where happy customers ‘meat’.

Meet Ron & Joanne Dyck

Meet Ron & Joanne Dyck

Ron and Joanne Dyck made their start as sausage-stuffing business owners in 2011 as a way for Ron to fill in the gaps as a logging truck driver. Over time, entrepreneurialism won over and Ron became fully committed to his meat-loving venture.

Being their own bosses just felt right, especially doing it in the place that they love. 100 Mile House makes living a whole lot brighter. The Dycks live a life full of adventures in the Cariboo, taking their grand-daughter out fishing, playing at the many parks and exploring the great, wide wilderness.

Ron knows that not every moment in life is a positive one and yet his can-do attitude triumphs over defeat. “If you don’t like your life, change it!” says Ron, defiantly. Now the Dycks' flourish as owners of 108 Sausage Company. It’s their passion and they find joy connecting with their customers. Ron raves about the good nature he has seen in the citizens of 100 Mile House and of many other small communities in the area. 100 Mile is more than just a place to live and the wonderful community members are what truly make this place their home.

5064 Block Dr
108 Mile Ranch, BC V0K 2Z0


Call, email or message Ron or Joanne to schedule pick-up in 108 Mile or check out the farmer's market schedule on their website