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Dan and Rhonda Dobson have been running a small mixed farming operation (Nobull Ranch) for the past 25 years. Three years ago they decided to venture into bee-keeping and Sticky Fingers Honey was born.

The couple is proud of the fresh, liquid and creamed honey that they produce. Honey, they point out, is naturally produced and is one of only a small handful of products that, when stored properly, can last for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Meet Dan & Rhonda Dobson

Meet Dan & Rhonda Dobson

Dan and Rhonda Dobson were long-time residents of 100 Mile House and the owners of a meat-producing ranch when they decided to venture into the bee-keeping business just three years ago. They were impressed by the idea that honey is a simple, natural product that can be ethically produced, and that honey has so many health benefits, including topical wound-healing. Even the production of the honey itself is beneficial to the community, they point out, because it introduces local pollen in small amounts, giving relief to seasonal allergy sufferers.

Dan and Rhonda support a number of local charities and events, and are especially passionate about 4-H because it introduces the younger generation to the benefits of farming. They also support the 100 Mile and District Outriders.

Dan and Rhonda admit that running their farm and other business ventures requires a great deal of time and effort, but when they manage to find some spare time they like to be outdoors enjoying nature.

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