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From pups to older dogs, the homemade pet treats at Milly & Me Homemade Natural Pet Treats & Pet Accessories are designed with your pet in mind. All the snacks at Milly and Me are handmade with natural ingredients so pet parents can rest assured that they are feeding their loved ones not only something delicious but also something safe.

Knowing why and how each ingredient is beneficial to the animals is important and that’s why extensive research has been put into the food combinations in these doggy delights. Each of these secret recipes has been developed to create something healthy and tasty without the use of any nasty chemicals or fillers or any of the junk you can find in many store-bought brands. Whether you are looking for products for upset stomachs, to freshen breath or just some snazzy new accessories, Milly & Me Homemade Natural Pet Treats & Pet Accessories has a treat for everyone!

Meet Jessica Rucker

Meet Jessica Rucker

Growing up, Jessica always knew that she wanted to work with animals. As she got older, she began to volunteer for pet-focused businesses in Williams Lake to get a feeling for which direction she wanted to go in.

After giving her time to the local pet groomer and veterinary clinic, she found that although both were interesting, neither seemed like the perfect fit for her. Thankfully not all was lost because, during her time at the veterinary clinic, Jessica found an interest in pet nutrition. From there, she began a hobby to learn and experiment with different pet treats.

In 2013, she adopted Milly- a border collie and lab mix who happened to have a really sensitive stomach. It was then that Jessica began to experiment with treats specifically designed for Milly's needs.

“I fell in love with researching and creating these recipes,” says Jessica. “Creating treats was something that I really wanted to do and loved doing. With the support of my family and friends, I went for it and made it a business!”

Jessica grows most of her own herbs and vegetable in her own back garden and has had great success finding her other ingredients at Higher Ground Natural Food Store. She is elated to be helping the community, help their pets. “I love what I do,” says Jessica. “It doesn’t feel like I'm working. I get to work from home and attend these amazing local markets and pet events that allow me to interact with other pet lovers in the community.”

100 Mile is just one big family when anything happens, everyone comes together to help. That stands true for business as well and Jessica admits that her community was extremely encouraging when she first started this exciting new venture. “The best part is that I’ve come across a lot of honest people, she explains. “Their feedback is so valuable for someone who is constantly growing their business.”

If she’s not busy at work, Jessica enjoys spending time with her animals, friends and family. “We’ll go fishing and camping, sledding in the winter, hiking - really any outdoor activities.”

The pet enthusiast feels as though business in 100 Mile is growing and admits that she’s noticed many new shops opening up around town. “I have a really good positive feeling about business here. 100 Mile is a growing town that is forever changing with really unique shops and interesting people. I'm part of this great community that’s full of encouragement and honest people that want to help me grow.”

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