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Michael Kidston Land Surveying has been providing reliable, professional land surveying services in 100 Mile House and surrounding areas for more than three decades. The company performs a variety of operations including legal, mineral and engineering surveys, subdivision planning and development, and forestry services. Local private landowners, business owners and government agencies have come to depend on the accurate results provided Michael Kidston Land Surveying.

Meet Michael Kidston

Meet Michael Kidston

Michael Kidston didn't necessarily intend to become a small business owner; however Michael says, an opportunity presented itself 33 years ago and things just kind of "evolved" from there. Michael was delighted with the chance to run a business in 100 Mile House since he already loved the area, especially because of its abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Today he lives 10 minutes from town where it feels like back-country but is still only a short drive to work and all of the services in town.

His business affords him the opportunity to spend time outdoors, and when he's not working he is still frequently outdoors. Michael likes to ski and play hockey in winter and ride horses in the spring and summer. Michael supports charities that correspond to his passions, particularly the Mt. Timothy Ski Society and the 100 Mile Outriders Club.

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