Gold Trail Recycling and GTR Disposal

Boxes, Bags, Bottles & Cans-Waste Removal

COVID-19 Safety Rules

- 1 person per household allowed to sort bottles
- Only 5 people allowed in depot at a time
- Blue trays must stay inside
- Please use sanitizer before entering
- Respect staff boundaries that are meant to protect everyone
- Only 1 person at the customer counter at a time
- Respect social distancing at our depot to keep everyone safe

“Our Environment: We’re all in it together!”

Our business depends on things you throw away.

In our modern-day civilization, the amount of waste produced has skyrocketed astronomically.  From excess packaging to the single-use plastic mentality, our landfills are often beyond capacity.  Give Mother Nature a helping hand by doing your part and recycle whenever possible.

For your convenience, 100 Mile House offers a full-scale waste management facility close to town.  Gold Trail Recycling and GTR Disposal offers a long list of acceptable recycling options, including refundable beverage containers, plastics, tin cans, glass jars and paper products, you would purchase in a grocery store, as well as cardboard, residential paint, all batteries, all light bulbs, electronics, and small appliances and so much more!  Be sure to check their website for a comprehensive list of recycling services.

This eco-depot recycling centre employs well-trained staff who are happy to assist with any questions or sorting concerns.    Gold Trail Recycling also handles garbage now under the name GTR Disposal, with commercial collection services extending between Williams Lake to Ashcroft and everything in between.  Feel free to stop by the facility or give them a call during business hours.  Gold Trail Recycling and GTR Disposal offer cost effective solutions for all waste removal and is your one stop drop for recycling.

Please note there are rules for Covid 19 when entering the depot.  With the pandemic, Gold Trail  decided to install the Express Return It system, which allows customers to drop and go their refundable containers after registering for an online account. 

Meet The Glen Family

Meet The Glen Family

Representing the members responsible for the direction of Gold Trail Recycling & GTR Disposal are 100 Mile House residents Mike, Leslie and Brayden Glen.

The Glens know the importance of educating the community on good recycling habits in order to preserve the environment.  Their family cares about the environment and want to make a difference.  They feel it is important to give back to our community.  Look for the depot's monthly "Spotlight Charity", to which anyone can donate their sorted bottle and can refunds.

It is Gold Trails priority to keep the lines of communication open with residents.  One-way they to connect with the community is by maintaining the business' 5-star service reputation.  Backed by numerous customer service awards it's no wonder Gold Trail Recycling and GTR Disposal is renowned for their smiling and helpful employees.

Check out this family run business for yourself-a local favourite since 1996 and counting!

694 Sollows Cresent
100 Mile House BC, BC V0K2E0


Monday to Friday 8:30 am -4:00 pm
Closed weekends and Stat holidays

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance