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Chiropractic Associates is committed to the health and well-being of the people who live in the 100 Mile House region. The professional chiropractors at Chiropractic Associates are pleased to offer a variety of alternative and complementary health care services designed both to treat pain and injury as well as to promote ongoing health and prevent future injury.

The clinic specializes in sport/rehabilitation, child/infant care, pregnancies, elderly care, deep tissue massage therapy and chronic pain. Clients will also find a selection of health care products in the clinic, including a wide variety of posture pillows (for cervical support and to help improve sleep), topical pain relievers, back and joint support, Adeeva Nutritionals vitamins and supplements, large heating pads (14″ x 27″), lumbar support rolls (high density for extended sitting and D-shaped for leaning forward & position change) and orthotics. The clinic works with most major insurance providers, including WCB, ICBC and MSP. Dr. James Rowse is a member of the Chiropractic Association of Canada. Chiropractic Associates also maintains a Williams Lake location.

Meet Dr. James Rowse

Meet Dr. James Rowse

The 360 degree view of nature is just one of many things that Dr. James Rowse appreciates about life in 100 Mile House. Of course, with the expanse of outdoors comes a plethora of ways to have fun in nature. Whether it is within the solace of planting a backyard garden or it comes from whooshing down Mount Timothy on skis, the love of the outdoors sometimes brings aches, pains and even injuries. James as well as his staff, including office manager Jennifer Chamberlain, are proud to provide complementary health care services to treat pain as well as to help maintain good health.

Chiropractic Associates has two Cariboo locations, one in 100 Mile House and one in Williams Lake. James works out of both locations while his staff members, like Jennifer, make sure the clinic runs smoothly. Both James was born in the Cariboo and has a deep affection for the area and the community. Much of their business is generated by word of mouth, so they are dedicated to providing excellent, high-quality, professional services to their clients.

James says that 100 Mile House is a particularly neighbourly community, where residents care about one another. They are always eager to lend a hand to someone in need, and they're just as committed to supporting their local businesses. James believes that this enthusiasm will drive 100 Mile House toward a growing and prosperous future.

204 - 475 Birch Ave S
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