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Show yourself some love. Take that time you need for your mind, body and soul with Santosha Yoga. Located in The Yoga Studio on Mackenzie Boulevard, this welcoming yoga practice features the Hatha style. The word Hatha translates as sun and moon, meaning a strive towards force and balance. Poses focus on core strength and a willful engagement of inner and outer peace through meditative breathing. It’s a popular style of yoga for all ranges of ability, benefiting many aspects of physical and spiritual well-being. For those who are just starting out, or perhaps with limited mobility range, Santosha Yoga now offers gentle yoga and chair yoga.

Take that first step; come and unwind yourself with a wide variety of supportive and welcoming classes. From the lunchtime recharge, to evening and weekend sessions, Santosha Yoga is ready to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Additionally, there is the option for private, one-on-one classes, or even private corporate classes at the location of your choosing. The space is inviting and always judgment-free. A wide range of people attend the studio, from seasoned yogis to those who are just starting out. Guests can take advantage of affordable punch cards, or opt out for convenient drop-in pricing.

For an all-encompassing experience of wellness, Santosha Yoga features a natural and environmentally sensitive skincare line. Treat yourself to lusciously handcrafted lotions, soaps, spray mists and more. Made with quality ingredients and sustainable practices in mind, these products are actually good for your skin, promoting softer and more supple skin in no time flat.

Meet Amber Hancock

Meet Amber Hancock

Amber Hancock has been a resident of Mackenzie for most of her life. Coming and going for years on end, it was the mid-nineties that eventually claimed Amber and her husband as permanent members of the community. Shortly after, the couple welcomed the arrival of their son and purchased their first home. They were here for the long-haul, dreaming of their plans for the future.

Amber has always been a natural-born leader with a knack for teaching others. As an IT specialist by day, she prides herself on sharing her wealth of knowledge with others. Her patient demeanor and deep understanding of learning styles are what keep people coming back for more. Through Amber’s decades of experience, she has successfully been able to transfer her skillset to her newest business and passion, Santosha Yoga.

Yoga has been a part of Amber’s life for more than 13 years. She was so immersed in the practice that teacher training was the obvious next step. In 2016 she obtained her yoga teaching status and hasn’t looked back since. That same year she opened up her yoga practice offering primarily Hatha yoga, and more recently with her constant practice evolution, the addition of chair and gentle yoga.

This busy entrepreneur’s calendar is clearly full, and yet she still finds time to dedicate herself to her community. She runs on council and is the president of both rotary and the community market. “We’ve got a really passionate group of individuals that make things happen here,” beams Amber. Volunteering is especially important for the Santosha Yoga owner; it’s a way to ensure Mackenzie flourishes for many years to come.

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