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Sole 2 Sole Foot Care provides comprehensive foot care services in the comfort of your home. Sole 2 Sole offers tender, gentle, non-judgmental treatment in a serene, spa-like atmosphere administered by an experienced Registered Nurse. Treatment includes medical assessment of the feet, with careful attention to circulatory and other potential issues, and referrals to other health care providers if required. Professional foot care by a Registered Nurse has numerous benefits, including greater physical comfort, increased mobility and early detection and prevention of foot problems related to diabetes and other medical conditions. Sole 2 Sole delivers a gentle, comforting, caring touch plus the assurance of better foot health. In addition to home care, Sole 2 Sole operates a weekly foot care clinic in Senior’s Village and a monthly foot care clinic at the Opportunity Centre.

Meet Marnie Brenner

Meet Marnie Brenner

Marnie Brenner has been a Registered Nurse for more than two decades. One thing that repeatedly struck her as a health care professional was that, of all of the parts of the body, the feet seemed to be the most neglected. Yet many people she saw in her practice needed foot care and so she finally made a business of it in 2005. Foot issues, Marnie says, can be embarrassing, so people simply suffer in silence rather than ask for help. But Marnie notes that even small issues, like toenails that go without trimming for too long, can lead to medical problems. Marnie offers foot care services in a tender and non-judgmental manner, and she is continually reminded how such a seemingly small thing can actually make a big difference in a person's life. "There was a real need for this kind of service in Williams Lake," she says.

Marnie moved to Williams Lake from Saskatchewan in 2000 and was immediately captivated by the amazing landscape, the sparkling lakes and the beautiful mountains of the BC Cariboo. She was also drawn to the friendly people who are quick to help each other out in times of need. Marnie loves that she never has to wait in traffic, and that it only takes five minutes or less to drive through town.

Marnie believes that Williams Lake is a community that is full of opportunities. "Williams Lake is a great place to start a small business," she states. Locals seem to be committed to seeing the local economy thrive and are always eager to support their fellow Williams Lakers in their business endeavours.

Marnie is a mom, and working for herself allows her to have a flexible business and schedule, which she often works around her children and their various needs and activities. Having control over the dynamics of her business is something that Marnie appreciates, but her favourite part of her job will always be the caring aspect and it remains her central focus as she moves forward.

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