Mad Wrappers

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Mad Wrappers is serving up fantastically fresh and tasty menu options on the go. As a mobile kitchen, the flavour-masters behind the counter concoct savoury selections for any palette. Their home-cooked food will satiate everyone in your family, from the kids to great-grandma and everyone in between.

Enjoy splendid, healthy meals focused on natural ingredients. None of that artificial stuff, Mad Wrappers prides themselves on keeping it real. There are no short-cuts or cheat-sheets, even the soup is made from slow-roasted bone broth!

What about all of that wasteful packaging filling up the garbage bins? Not to worry, Mad Wrappers has ensured that our earth will be left as pristine as before with their earth-friendly packaging and containers. Their mindfulness doesn’t end there; even their coffee and teas are fair-trade and organic.

At Mad Wrappers, Jim and Sherry Cuthbertson want to give you the day off from all your hard work, so take it easy and grab a bite to go. Many meal options are wrapped for the ease of a grab-and-go munch. Enjoy no clean up fuss and imagine all the time you will save by not cooking. If you’re in a real hurry, you can call ahead and order for a quick pick-up on the way home,

Come on down to Mad Wrappers at the Station House Gallery and “enjoy some darn, good food.”

Meet Jim & Sherry Cuthbertson

Meet Jim & Sherry Cuthbertson

Jim and Sherry Cuthbertson may be new to the business scene in Williams Lake, but they know the picturesque town like the back of their hands. Their unparalleled love for the community carries significant weight. The married couple excel socially, thoroughly enjoying the eclectic mix of residents from all around the world. Williams Lake is a place where the majority of people strike up conversations with each other. It’s a place to make new friends and a place for support.

Living a Williams Lake pace of life allows for a little more time to enjoy the things that truly matter. Jim and Sherry saw an opportunity to maintain their work and life balance by striking up a new enterprise - Mad Wrappers. Sherry loves to use her creativity and being her own boss gives her avenues to implement change when necessary. “I like to think outside of the box and crush it!” says Sherry.

Making a difference in their community is a huge priority for the Cuthbertsons. They want to set the bar high as responsible entrepreneurs by using nature-friendly products and healthy ingredients for their customers. Looking out for Mother Nature along with their community is a must for these two.

1 MacKenzie Ave N
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1N4


Monday to Saturday
5:00 am - 2:00 pm