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Every picture tells a story, and every story is as rare and exceptional as the person, couple or family being photographed. Professional photographer Jana Roller makes it her mission to capture those unique stories in a compelling and artistic way. Jana Roller Photography & Jana Roller Boudoir Photography works closely with clients to ensure that each subject’s individual personality is beautifully and creatively illustrated. Whether it’s an engagement or wedding, an individual or family portrait or an intimate boudoir photo, Jana Roller strives to produce high-quality images that match the important occasion.

(Visit both Facebook profiles: “Jana Roller Photography”:http://www.facebook.com/janarollerphotography and “Jana Roller Boudoir”:http://www.facebook.com/janarollerboudoir .)

Jana Roller Photography is a member of the Williams Lake Downtown Business Improvement Association.

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Meet Jana Roller

Meet Jana Roller

Jana Roller sees beauty all around her and her passion is capturing that beauty through the lens of a camera. As a professional photographer, Jana is often granted access to some of the most important milestones and intimate moments in people's lives, and she considers this both humbling and extremely rewarding.

One of the parts of her photography business and the artistic part of her work that she is most proud of is being able to help women realize their true beauty and help empower them through boudoir photography. "I believe women are gorgeous, courageous, and empowered at any age and body type," says Jana, and she has an uncanny knack for immortalizing feminine beauty in a way that is both stunning and tasteful.

Photography was in Jana's blood, so much so that she felt compelled to start a photography business. Not only does it allow her to express her creativity, it has provided her with many opportunities to give back to the community and the people that she loves. Jana deeply appreciates the people of Williams Lake. "There is a sense of community and connection here," she says. She loves the unique environment and the character of downtown Williams Lake and all of the fabulous businesses that make it what it is. For her own part, Jana participates in the Business Improvement Association and continually strives to be a leader in her business and her industry.

B 83 2 Avenue
Williams Lake, BC V2G 3W3


Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Or by appointment - please contact for information or to book a photo session.

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