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Perfectly shaped brows and long lush lashes can give you the instantly revitalized appearance you’ve been craving! Using advanced techniques in a welcoming, caring, supportive, clean and septic atmosphere is how Marina goes that extra mile for each and every one of her clients.

Certified in both lash extensions and brow micropigmentation, Marina Crick’s expert hand will correctly and carefully reconstruct your lost or sparse eyebrows, giving you beautiful, long-lasting quality results.

Different than traditional tattoos, microwblading is applied only to the first layer of skin, using a small pen blade and feathering strokes. The result is the appearance of natural looking, thicker brows. Marina also offers full-service classic lash extensions and removals, for the gals looking for a little extra length to their peepers.

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Meet Marina Crick

Meet Marina Crick

Originally hailing from Prince George, the lash and brow expert moved to Williams Lake to start her career in the emergency field but soon found herself drawn to the beauty industry. At that time, there was only one lash tech who was doing the classic lash extensions that Marina was used to. When she moved away, Marina was left searching for a new girl.

“I don’t get my hair done that often so my indulgence is my lashes," laughs Marina. "A friend of mine asked if I wanted to take the lash course with her, I said yes and we enrolled. The lady who taught the course asked if I wanted to take the microblading course as well. I trained in both and it’s just really taken off since then."

Marina explains that her main clients are people with scars, people who have over-plucked or ageing clients whose brows have become sparse. Occasionally, she'll have a client with medical hair loss related to thyroid issues or chemo and she is honoured to be able to give them back their natural looking brows.

Marina loves that her business allows her the flexibility to work from home and choose her hours. An emergency nurse by trade, she sometimes finds herself working less than ideal hours. "Shift work can be heavy especially the night shifts," she explains. "It’s nice to have these daytime shifts where I function like a human being rather than a vampire!"

Even though it can be tough at times, Marina feels there's a bright future for small business in her community. "Renting a building downtown can be expensive, so a lot of people are choosing to work out of their homes. I think you can make it here. Especially if you are able to utilize social media, then I think you can really go the distance."

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