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The Bread Peddler is committed to producing tasty and healthy bread – the same kind that was around in the early 1800s. All of The Bread Peddler’s ingredients are Certified Organic where possible. All of its whole-grain flours are freshly milled on site, and all of its breads are leavened using only the wild yeasts and bacteria in sourdough. Everything is baked in The Bread Peddler’s own wood-fired brick oven. All these factors contribute to the increased digestibility of the bread, and it tastes pretty good, too: see what you think!

The Bread Peddler carries several varieties of bread at any given time as well as periodic specialty loaves. (Make sure you try the Beer Belly bread, made with a rotating selection of beers from the Barkerville Brewing Co.) You can even stop in on Wednesday evenings each week for wood-fired pizza. The Bread Peddler’s loaves are available directly from the bakery in Wells, at the Wells Farmers’ Market, the Quesnel Farmers’ Market, Green Tree Health and Wellness (Quesnel) and Bouchie Lake Country Store (Quesnel).

The Bread Peddler’s Tim Hathaway is a multi-talented guy who not only bakes unbelievably delectable bread but is also a whiz with bicycles. Tim provides repairs for bikes of all makes, ages and sizes.

The Bread Peddler is a member of the Wells and Area Community Association and the Quesnel Farmers’ Market.

Cycle to Wells on Wednesday and mention that you saw The Bread Peddler on Love Wells and receive your second pizza free (you’ll need at least two pizzas after that ride!).

Meet Kate Sulis & Tim Hathaway

Meet Kate Sulis & Tim Hathaway

You might wonder what bread and bicycles have to do with each other. Normally, very little. However, they come together beautifully for Kate Sulis and her husband Tim Hathaway. They just happen to have a passion for both. The two are avid cyclists although, admittedly, they don't have as much time for it as they used to. That's because their artisanal bread business is keeping them so busy these days. Just one year after they launched, they had as much work as they could handle and a long list of devoted Bread Peddler bread fans.

Kate has always worked for herself in one way or another, preferring to make her own way and incorporate her values into her work. When it comes to making bread, those values include wholesome ingredients, traditional cooking methods and environmental responsibility. The couple's bread-production method means that the finished product has excellent flavour and creates very little waste or pollution. Kate is the genius behind The Bread Peddler's original bread recipes and isn't afraid to try new things, which is undoubtedly part of the company's success. Kate is the main bread maker, while Tim is in charge of hauling firewood for the oven, milling the grain, firing the oven, packaging the finished product and getting it to market.

When the couple isn't busy baking bread, Tim enjoys fixing up old bikes. In fact, both Kate and Tim are active people and like doing a variety of things both in and out of doors. Winter time means skiing for the couple, and hiking is a favourite pastime throughout the rest of the year. They also like to garden and go for walks. After a long day by the brick oven, which gets extremely hot, they enjoy heading off to the Y for a cool dip in the creek.

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