St. George’s Gallery


St. George’s Gallery showcases the artistic works of approximately 15 BC artists, including local artist Sara Whitney and local photographer Gary Fiegehen. The gallery is home to a diverse and eclectic selection of works like paintings, photography, sculptures, pottery and carvings, and numerous handcrafted pieces and gifts like artisan soap, woodturned items, textiles, syrups, jams and more. Housed in a charming heritage building originally established in 1934 and home to St. George’s Church, the gallery space features warm ambiance. It is bright, open and airy and is itself an inspiring work of art. St. George’s Gallery. St. George’s Gallery is committed to providing a high-quality venue for BC artists and promoting the talent and skills of local artisans.

Meet Gary Fiegehen & Sara Whitney

Meet Gary Fiegehen & Sara Whitney

Gary Fiegehen and Sara Whitney were looking for a new artistic venture. They were initially drawn to the Wells region when they came to experience the Bowron Lakes chain. Gary, a commercial photographer, and Sara, and artist and art instructor, both fell in love with the spectacular scenery. Their attraction to the region was cemented when they visited the town of Wells. They were excited by its vibrancy and energy as well as its support of a diverse range of both visual and performing arts. When they learned that St. George's Gallery was for sale, they were intrigued. Formerly operated by another local artist, Marie Nagel, they saw great potential in both the business and the building. They bought it and took over in 2011.

While there is much business to be done, Gary and Sara didn't get involved in the gallery to make money. Rather, they wanted to channel their passion for promoting local artists into something positive. They consider it a privilege to be able to provide a venue for BC artists (many from right here in Wells) to exhibit their work. They strive to curate an eclectic array of works in different genres and mediums as well as to make the gallery itself an inviting space. In fact, says Sara, visitors are almost always amazed by just how wonderful the atmosphere is inside the gallery. One of the most common sentiments that people write in the gallery's guest book is, "Wow! What a beautiful space you have!"

Gary and Sara are avid outdoors lovers who appreciate the recreational opportunities here as much as the arts culture. Where else, says Sara, can you take an alpine hike and be the only person at the top of the mountain? Not to mention all of the lakes that also offer recreational opportunities of their own. In fact, says Sara, every season brings with it new ways to enjoy Wells' nature.

Bowman Cres
Wells, BC


Open daily, July and August
11:00 am - 7:00 pm