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MI Creative helps small businesses and non-profits make technology work for them. Through innovative, creative web design and content development, MI Creative lets you have control over your own content and web presence. Utilizing open source content management systems helps to keep your costs affordable and manageable. MI Creative’s skilled designers are able to produce visually stunning and engaging websites as well as other web content, plus printed materials and other media. MI Creative strives to make the digital world less confusing and more accessible to everyday businesses and organizations so that you rule technology rather than technology ruling you.

Meet Margaret Inoue

Meet Margaret Inoue

Technology and the old-fashioned don't seem like they should mix, but they do when it comes to Margaret Inoue's work. She heats her house with a wood stove fuelled by what she chops by hand! Yet, from the very same location, she connects with a worldwide audience via her web projects. Margaret has a passion for helping make digital technology make sense for small businesses, organizations and individuals. Rather than technology ruling the individual, she strives to help individuals manage technology and make it work for their needs and their budgets.

Margaret started her business in 2013 after seeing a gap in the market that was leaving small businesses and non-profits at a digital disadvantage. Ultimately, it was encouragement from a former colleague that gave her the little push that she needed to take the plunge into small business. Her business allows her to work from home, keeping overhead costs low and giving her freedom over her work schedule.

Wells, says Margaret, is a hidden gem at the end of the Barkerville Highway. People don't always realize it's there, but those who live here know how enriching a lifestyle it provides. "There is no traffic, the air is clean," says Margaret. Many residents appreciate the lack of cell service in Wells, preferring instead to enjoy conversation face-to-face, in real life. This is the kind of "connected disconnection" that Margaret likes. Margaret particularly likes to view nature from the seat of her bike. In Wells, with trails running practically into everyone's backyard giving quick access to the great outdoors, there is more to see and do than there is time.

4252 Margaret Ave
Wells, BC V0K 2R0


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