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Huckleberry Daycare Centre is a fully licensed, mutli-aged day (preschool to school-aged) care which provides safe and reliable child care in Wells. The centre strives to provide well-rounded care that includes early learning, socialization training and opportunities for creativity, all within a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Programs include all day care for pre-school age children, after -school care for school-age children as well as ‘Transition to Kindergarten’ programs. Periodic special programs, like summer camps, may be offered from time to time. Huckleberry Daycare Centre is a non-profit organization operated and overseen by the Wells and Area Community Association.

Huckleberry Daycare Centre is a member of the Child Care Coalition of BC.

Meet Executive Director, Lindsay Read

Meet Executive Director, Lindsay Read

The Huckleberry Daycare Centre is a shining example of what a small community with a big heart can do in response to a local need. The centre is an initiative of the Wells and Area Community Association. This group is comprised of volunteers who serve because they want to make their town a better place. The Wells and Area Community Association's mission is to identify needs within the community, particularly gaps in essential services, and creatively and efficiently fill those needs. Safe, nurturing, reliable daycare was one of several needs named by the group. After much planning, the non-profit Huckleberry Daycare Centre was opened in 2014.

Executive Director Lindsay Read is proud of her little town and its big-hearted citizens. "There are so many opportunities to create change in this community," she states. When you live in a small place like Wells, she adds, the actions of one person have the power to make a greater difference. Projects, like the Huckleberry Daycare, are able to grow and flourish as a result. "We created this amazing child friendly space and an incredible community resource from literally nothing," says Lindsay of the Wells and Area Community Association.

You won't see them sitting back and resting on their laurels, though. The association has a number of different projects on the go, like the Wells Farmers' Market, and more planned for the future.

4386 Mildred St
Wells, BC V0K 2R0


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