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Marina Ens has a passion for travel and since she can’t travel all the time she loves channeling that passion into helping others take their dream vacations. As the owner of Ens Travel, Marina is able to offer travelers something they simply can’t get by going to an online travel website: personal service, plus insider knowledge on how to find the deals that aren’t for sale on the Web.

It gives Marina a special thrill to help make dreams come true for her clients, especially when she is able to save them hundreds of dollars. Marina says that it’s her clients that make her job worth doing. The fact that she is able to follow her own vision and create a flexible work environment is just the icing on the cake.

Meet Marina Ens

Meet Marina Ens

Marina Ens likes to travel, but the pull of home always brings her back around to Vanderhoof. Having been born in Vanderhoof and lived in the community her whole life, Marina says that there is no other place she'd rather live and operate her business.

Marina worked for others in the travel industry for most of her career until she opened Ens Travel a few years ago. In that time, she has helped numerous Vanderhoof residents book their dream vacations and find hidden deals. Finding those deals is something that gives her a little thrill because it allows her clients to be able to put more of their money toward having fun on their vacations.

Having lived and worked in Vanderhoof for so long, Marina says she has developed many relationships. It’s those relationships that she values most, both within her business and her day-to-day life. It is also because of those relationships that Marina is always quick to support local groups and community fundraisers.

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