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Garden-Yard Services

Whether you lack a green thumb or you just don’t have time for yard care, Yard Expressions can help as they provide full yard, garden and lawn care as well as landscaping services.

As skilled designers and caretakers, Augusto and Karita can start your new lawn or landscaping project, plant trees or they can spruce up and maintain your existing lawn and gardens.

Look for Yard Expressions to provide a wide range of yard, garden and lawn services that includes mowing, trimming, edging, planting (flowers, trees) and they can even repair your deck and fences.

Yard Expressions offers reasonable rates and is available for one-time-only service or for ongoing, regular maintenance. Talk to Augusto and Karita at Yard Expressions to discuss a customized package that suits your individual needs.

Meet Augusto Pardo & Karita Hunt

Meet Augusto Pardo & Karita Hunt

Quality work with attention to detail is important to Augusto Pardo and Karita Hunt. It's one of the reasons they started their own business - to be able to have control over quality. Family is also very important to the couple and as entrepreneurs, they are able to spend quality time with their family.

Augusto and Karita have green thumbs and a passion for the environment. One of the things that they most appreciate about Valemount is its stunning setting. Surrounded by mountains and teeming with lakes and forest, it is an inspiring, beautiful place to live. Plus, it provides a plethora of options for outdoor recreation. Some of the couple's favourites include swimming, hiking and just being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and the views.

However, the best thing by far about Valemount are the people who live here. They are friendly and concerned with one another's well-being, making it an exceptionally safe place to live and to raise a family. It has a casual, relaxing pace that Karita and Augusto appreciate. It also has a vibrant business community that the couple is excited to be a part of.

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Please contact Karita or Augusto to discuss your project.