Infinity Office & Health

Business Services-Fitness & Exercise-Food & Beverage

Infinity Office and Health carries a wide range of essential office supplies and services on one side and vitamins and supplements on the other. Owner, Rashmi Narayan, is proud to be able to meet some of the very diverse needs of the Village of Valemount.

Customers are served by patient, knowledgeable staff that will dig up information on health products and allow the customers to take their time in making an informed choice. Staff also encourages the customers to find long-term solutions for good health with personal recipes and tips on cooking with whole foods. Infinity also provides design services, custom printing and is a Sears outlet and a depot for Purolator, Loomis and UPS.

Meet Rashmi Narayan

Meet Rashmi Narayan

Nobody knows what a Valemount shopper wants more than someone else who lives in Valemount. One of the things that Rashmi Narayan is proud to offer to her customers is her insight into the needs of the locals as one local to another. "It's gratifying to be able to cater to individual needs and implement suggestions from my customers," says Rashmi.

She admits that opening her business was done on a "whim," but wasn't an out-of-character act for her. Rashmi loves challenging herself and has a passion for business and customer service. Rashmi is a long-time resident of Valemount and works hard at being engaged in the community. Not only does it make her a better business person, she says, but it also allows her to give back to the community that has been so supportive of her. Rashmi supports local schools and children's organizations and also donates to arts-related causes.

1233 Fifth Ave
Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0


Monday to Friday:
9:00 am - 5:30 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm