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Diamond H Donairs is Valemount’s only restaurant serving authentic Middle Eastern – style donairs. In fact, it is one of the only donair stops in BC north of Prince George. Guests can choose from a menu that includes beef or chicken shawarma plus crisp, fresh vegetables wrapped in real pita and topped with original-recipe, freshly-prepared sauces and assembled so that you taste every single element with every bite. When you want a delicious change from typical fast-food fare, Diamond H Donairs offers a taste of the Middle East that is unrivaled in northern BC.

Diamond H Donairs is a member of the Valemount Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Shirley & Mazen Haymour

Meet Shirley & Mazen Haymour

Pop into Diamond H Donairs and you'll probably find Shirley Haymour behind the counter, greeting customers, taking orders and running the cash register. Mazen Haymour usually keeps himself busy in the kitchen, cooking and feeding hungry guests from Valemount and beyond who have developed a taste for his authentic Middle Eastern cooking.

The Haymours moved from Edmonton to Valemount in 2010. Although they'd lived in Edmonton most of their lives, they longed for a more casual pace of life in a smaller town and they chose Valemount because of the mountains, lakes and the rest of its spectacular scenery. Valemount was also ideal for the Haymours because it's halfway between Edmonton and Calgary where they have family and can still visit easily. It also means they get a steady flow of hungry travelers who stop in for a meal. In fact, notes Shirley, many of these travelers, especially truck drivers, are regular customers at Diamond H Donairs and make a special point of stopping by every time they drive through.

Another thing that the Haymours love about Valemount living is the sheer amount of space, something they didn't have in the city. When they aren't working they love to be outdoors enjoying their four rural acres. Shirley, an artist, also uses some of her down time for creating ceramics and even sells some of her work in the restaurant as well as at the Whistle Stop Gallery in McBride, BC.

9 1500 7 Ave
Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0


Wednesday to Saturday
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

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